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Weekend Discussion: So How Was Tax Season?

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With April 15 come and gone I figured now would be a good time to ask you how it went. I’ll tell you what I saw from my perspective (I stalk all of you on social media but it’s my job so it’s not creepy).

Some time last year I noticed more and more practitioners and firm owners on #TaxTwitter expressing a desire to take a step back and sort out the problem clients before filing season hits. We observed many of them raising prices, implementing thorough onboarding procedures that would immediately eliminate the pain in the ass clients who can’t fill out basic paperwork in a timely manner, and best of all (for them, not the clients), tax preparers across the board were turning away clients left and right. How do we know? Because mainstream media was talking about how it might be hard to find a tax preparer this year. As we all know, they normally ignore this entire sector and pretend the science of accounting doesn’t exist if they can help it.

Filing Season 2024 definitely sucked for many clients.

So how’d it go? How are you now? What are you doing to decompress and rejoin the land of the living? Drop a comment or, if you prefer, shoot me an email.

And should any clients come across this, please remember:

p.s. if you need it, check out this quick article on caring for your mental health from NIMH.

One thought on “Weekend Discussion: So How Was Tax Season?

  1. Better than the last few, but still not all the way back from that burnout. As I did with the last 3 years, gonna take a couple months of normal work hours, see how I feel then decide what I do. For sure can’t get excited about this career anymore and I’ve been in it over 15 years.

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