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Footnotes: Stepping Up to Lead; Blockbuster Finally Goes Bust; Just How Much Is Twitter Worth Anyway? | 11.06.13

Wait, you mean to say Blockbuster was still around? [Chicago Tribune]

Career Makeover: Stepping Up to Lead How can people change their reputation at work, once they feel they've been pigeonholed? Sue Shellenbarger and executive Lisa Gable take a look at how an employee can successfully change his or her image. [WSJ]

Those crazy Europeans want to see higher inflation because, duh [NYT]

Someone is really excited about "a change for the better" in pension accounting [MW]

Cash is king for farmers, even though it's accrual world *groan* [AGP]

Ms SEC Herself Mary Jo White has some questions about how tech companies figure out their own worth. You know, for investment purposes. [Reuters]

Tax-free buyouts? Coaches take a chance with the IRS Their employment contracts were clear: When the head football coaches of 11 major public universities broke their contracts late last year and accepted jobs at other public schools, they faced responsibility for more than $7 million in buyouts. Equally clear was what has become a basic tenet of college sports business: The coaches weren't going to pay. Their new employers were. That's where a different interpretation of tax law has gained a foothold. [USA Today]

How would you like Dog the Bounty Hunter banging down your door for taxes you owe? Could happen. [Forbes]

Ask the actuaries: delaying Obamacare would sting, just a little… oh wait, no, it would CAUSE CHAOS OH NOOOOES! [The Hill]