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Career advice- jump from associate to senior


Had a quick question for you guys. I have been an audit associate at a midsize firm for almost 2 years, and recently got promoted to experienced staff. This came with a pay increase obviously. I applied for a senior audit role at a larger firm a week later, and was offered the position. So basically jumping from associate to senior in 3 weeks. My main concerns are 1) My offer is on the very low end of audit seniors, understandably because I dont have much experience, and its like 2 promotions in one. Also, this firm, although bigger, is not in an industry I "enjoy", and the job comes with a lot more tax work. Also, I do not have my CPA.

My question is, if I plan on not staying in public, is it worth it to take this positon for a year just to put senior on my resume, and a minor salary increase ( but big increases in hours and stress im sure). Or stay where I am currently. I dont dislike my current firm, but dont want to be here for another busy season if I dont have to.

Muh appreciated,