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QOTD: “The Robots Are Not Coming For Your Jobs, They’re Coming For Your Tasks”

a large robot with foot in the air, small robot underneath, automation

That’s Dan Black, Global Talent Acquisition Leader at EY, in an interview with HR Grapevine.

Q. We’ve seen high-profile cases of AI-related layoffs. How do you protect employees as you roll out AI?

It’s the question we get all the time from our people. First and foremost, I say this: The robots are not coming for your jobs, they’re coming for your tasks.

And in most cases, they’re coming for tasks that you don’t want to do anyway. So much of the automation is for mundane, routine work that people don’t want to make the time for. IMF did a piece of research that found 60% of jobs in advanced economies will be impacted by AI. But keep in mind that it’s rarely entire functions or entire jobs; it’s pieces of jobs.

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