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Burned Out

I have been with my current employer two years and feel it's slowly killing me. The reason I left public accounting was because I was tired of the hours and the office politics. However, I always felt that my co-workers and managers were very knowledgeable and worked great as a team. My current employer has gone from being a small start-up to a midsize company in the last two years. Management is rarely in the office, expectations are ridiculous (65+ hours/week) and we constantly experience computer problems. To add to this, they recently converted to a new billing system and it was a total disaster. The accounting is a total mess and management does not seem to care or realize how bad things are even though I've expressed my concerns several times.

We report to an issuer and am extremely concerned about all the misstatements they will find during the audit. I'm only the investment accountant, but essentially responsible for all the accounting and SOX processes (my manager signs the management representation letter). I'm a CPA and do not want my name involved with this mess and have already started the job search process. I'm basically just venting but want to know if any of you have come across similar situations or any advice you can provide.