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Big 4 Offer. Yay or nay.

Here's the deal. I'm a Senior specializing in Forensics and Valuations at a boutique firm (approx 50 professionals). 

A Big 4 firm has offered me an Associate role in audit. As I was told the offer is commensurate with an associate ready for promotion to SR. The firm indicated that they fully expect that with my qualifications and experience would be a SR. in about a year's time (next promotion period). 

The offer bumped my pay 13% with a $3k sign on bonus plus eligible for discretionary bonus. I plan on trying to negotiate another 5% into the bump and maybe another $1.5k in sign on.

The cons:

My reservation is that I'm worried about my long term resume. I'm afraid that firm may not be able to deliver on the promotion. If passed over, that would have me at six years at the staff level and that's a long time in the trenches. Not to mention the fact that I'd have a bruised resume.

The pros:

I have a few things going for me in the advancement/negotiation department. I think the interviews went well. Very well. I had an offer within 30 minutes of the last interview.

Also, I have a CPA, about a year of experience at Sr. level and possess professional presence, experience with review and feedback. Plus my forensic work is in the same industry so I have almost four years of industry issues. That all being said, I may be able to transition to Mgr faster than I would otherwise.

I think the firm brand has the potential to mitigate any resume shortfall. Also, I've been wanting to get some pure audit experience to expand my professional toolkit. 

I should add that while I'm concerned about my resume, I'm searching for s firm to stick with. I'm actually one of those morons that enjoys public. I'm jut trying to be pragmatic and measure risk.

So does anyone have any advice? Does the step back, but increase in experience (and firm prestige) nullify my previous supervisory experience or bruise my resume in any way?