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What is your health insurance package like?

Health insurance is just a guarded secret.  No one talks about it.  I think the reason is, most health benefit packages are a piece of crap!  And if the employer ever divulged what the deal is, the offer would look less inticing to newcomers.  

Here is the format I want to see:

1. 1-49 ee's, 50-99 ee's, or 100+

2.  If you are Regional or above, please name your firm.  We won't know it is "you".  

3.  Accounting Firm or Other.  And if you are Other and Publicly Traded, just tell us who you work for (see #2)

4.  Family, Individual or Married

5.  How much do you pay a year (if you can't figure this one out, you are a moron)?

6.  How much does your employer pay (if you can't figure this out, and you are a CPA, shame on you!)?

7.  What is your co-pay, deductible, maximum out-of-pocket for the year?

8.  Does your employer put money into an HSA for you?