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Accounting News Roundup: Accounting Firm Name Changes Since ’85; UK Phasing Out Tax Returns; Retire Here, Not There | 03.23.15

Noble Group Receives Another Chilly Critique From Iceberg [WSJ]
In addition to the accounting irregularities, Iceberg Research says that Noble Group Ltd., a Singapore-listed commodities trader, “engineered” lower debt in its financial statements.  

Most accounting firms changed form since 1985 [Crain's]
Only 2 of the 15 largest firms in Detroit still operate in the same form from '85. 

A.I.G. to Pay Nearly $1 Billion to Settle Class-Action Suit Brought by Shareholders [DealBook]
$970.5 million to be precise. The plaintiffs claim that it's the largest "largest shareholder class-action settlement in a case in which no criminal or regulatory enforcement actions were ever pursued."

UK to Phase Out Annual Tax Returns Within the Next Five Years [AWEBUK]
The Old Empire plans to "combine the tax affairs of taxpayers from employers, banks, investment firms, and other third parties into a single, digital tax account."

The 5 Absolute Best And Worst States To Retire [HuffPo]
If it's in your plans, that is: Wyoming is #1, Arkansas is #50.

New Hampshire lawmaker opposes fourth graders’ bird bill with antiabortion rant [Yahoo]
Fourth graders on a class field trip proposed a bill to make the red-tailed hawk New Hampshire's official state raptor. The state legislators were NOT impressed.