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Big 4 Background Check on Transfer GPA

Hey everyone,

Long time reader, first time poster. Anyway, I recently landed a Big 4 internship for this summer and included my 3.8 GPA from my current school on my resume. I submitted my unofficial transcripts from my current school during the application process and everything checked out. I was never asked by anyone during the interview process why I had transferred and I included the same GPA from my new unofficial transcript on my resume.

The problem is that before I got to my current school, I had a terrible 2.8 GPA from the school I transferred from. The transcripts for my current school will not combine GPAs and will only transfer credits. I'm going through background checks at the moment and I got an email today asking me to authorize my former school to send their official transcripts.

Am I better off coming clean to my recruiter right now about my crappy grades before? Should I be looking for another job meanwhile?

Thanks for your help.