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Best Route to Deal Advisory (Transactions)

Hey Guys, 

I was hoping someone might be able to provide some advice relating to a current goal of mine.

Background: CPA within the Risk Consulting Practice of my current Big 4 Firm. Clients are exclusively financial services; this is mostly regulation (CCAR) and control assessments. I've been an associate with the firm for 1.5 years; by next summer I will be a senior within my group (promotion this year is a long shot). 

Goal: Make it to a Deal Advisory Team within my current firm or any other Big 4 Firm.


1. Does it make more sense to try to make my transition now before I'm a senior with a higher charging rate and possible stigma?

2. Do I have a shot, or is my background not relevant enough to do this?

3. Would an MBA make this switch more realistic?

4. Finally, what's the best approach to obtain this goal?