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BDO’s Global Revenue Went Up About a Billion Dollars in 2022

The results are in at BDO, and the fifth largest accounting firm in the world brought in $12.8 billion in revenue during its 2022 financial year, which ended on Sept. 30—an 8.5% increase over last year’s revenue of $11.8 billion.

The new guy in charge of BDO globally, Pat Kramer, said, In the change-dominated world in which we operate, nothing is more important than to protect and strengthen BDO. We are relevant to our clients. We strive always to lead on quality and client centric solutions. As we reach new milestones of global growth, we are more committed than ever to invest in our business and our people with a true global mindset. BDO has a strong foundation on which we will continue to build and transform. We embrace the change that will come and we will continue investing in quality, digitalization, technology and talent, for the benefit of our clients and our people.”

That first sentence in Pat’s statement was a little dramatic, but whatever it takes to get the troops riled up, I guess. Pretty much all you need to know about BDO’s most recent financial year can be found in the infographic below.

In the U.S., BDO had revenue of nearly $2.5 billion in its fiscal year 2022, which ended on April 30. That makes the House of Berson the sixth largest accounting firm in the U.S. in terms of revenue, behind RSM US in fifth and ahead of Grant Thornton in seventh.

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