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Baker Tilly Canada Deludes Itself Into Thinking Fresh Office Space Will Be a Big Recruiting Advantage

*not the actual office. Apologies if this photo is triggering to anyone.

Let’s throw a theoretical out here. Imagine you are a highly qualified Canadian CPA with exemplary communication and data analytics skills and you have received two identical offers from leading firms. Would a clean, streamlined aesthetic and open plan sightlines, accentuated by generous glazing and abundant natural and contemporary LED lighting compel you to choose the firm whose office checks all those boxes? Baker Tilly seems to think so.

The firm has a tendency to credit irrelevant factors in its recruiting strategies. Case in point: Baker Tilly ‘Murica using paid endorsements from athletes and adventurers to appeal to thrill-seeking young people, those people naturally being attracted to the accounting profession of course. “Baker Tilly’s purpose is to unleash and amplify talent – to help our people discover their strengths, sharpen their skills, deepen their knowledge, explore possibilities and soar to personal heights,” said former Baker Tilly CEO Alan Whitman when the celebrity endorsements were trotted out last March. “Jimmy Chin knows all about soaring to personal new heights.”

Ah yes, accountants relate deeply to this.

In the vein of things that have little relevance to talent, Baker Tilly Canada is now flexing fresh new Vancouver office space in a probably paid article in BCBusiness and somehow relating this to talent:

A beautiful, future-ready renovation at Baker Tilly’s Vancouver office demonstrates the firm’s commitment to attracting the best in the business.

Global accounting firm Baker Tilly’s office on Burrard Street in Vancouver is expanding to accommodate a growing need for top talent. The accounting firm’s team of over 200, which occupies the ninth floor of Commerce Place, will now enjoy newly renovated space that Marketing Manager David Keene calls the “office space of the future”.

“This space is a continuation of Baker Tilly’s philosophy, which means it supports a hybrid working environment, the company’s open-door policy and an attractive proposition for today’s top talent,” Keene says. “Baker Tilly wanted a warm, inviting space where people can enjoy their workspace and feel open and welcome connecting with others,” Keene says. “At the same time, it provides key areas that foster deep concentration and focus.”

As you no doubt read the above paragraphs with your mouth agape, take a breath and prepare yourself because there’s more.

The modern space features screened cubicle workspaces and executive offices. The offices are walled in glazing with sliding glass doors for an approachable aesthetic. Conference space and meeting rooms will act as collaborative spaces and a 200-person theatre space will facilitate large meetings, training and presentations.

There’s also a “social hub” with a games area so you can grief your colleagues and teabag your manager in a quick game of Valorant. Oh, probably not those kinds of games. These “key amenity areas are focused on employee comfort and experience,” the article says.

Here it comes:

The renovation is an important step in recruitment and retention as it creates a progressive, supportive space to attract the best in talent. “This space is designed as a no-barrier space that promotes collaboration and inclusivity,” Keene says. “It was important for Baker Tilly to create a space that supports positive mental health and an uplifting environment, especially through the darker winter months.”

Post-Covid office redesigns and moves are the ping-pong tables of the 2020s. Just say you redid the office and let’s move on.

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  1. The main reason I chose Deloitte over BDO was their office. If I’m going to be stuck working 60-70 hours a week in a place I would rather do it in a space that is calming and inviting with a hint of luxury. Don’t underestimate the power of a great design.

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