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September 22, 2023

get back to the office

Baker Tilly Canada Deludes Itself Into Thinking Fresh Office Space Will Be a Big Recruiting Advantage

*not the actual office. Apologies if this photo is triggering to anyone. Let’s throw a theoretical out here. Imagine you are a highly qualified Canadian CPA with exemplary communication and data analytics skills and you have received two identical offers from leading firms. Would a clean, streamlined aesthetic and open plan sightlines, accentuated by generous […]

pointing a finger

Citigroup is Holding Pay and Bonuses Hostage to Get People Back in the Office

It seems Citi is sick of WFH slackers and is getting the stick: Citigroup Inc. has begun telling managers to let staffers know they’ll face consequences if they don’t comply with policies for office attendance. While the vast majority of staffers are following the firm’s rules for hybrid work, the moves are focused on those […]

With Omicron Threatening to Send Everyone Back Inside, KPMG UK Reminds Audit Staff to Get Back to the Office

Alright so we’re sourcing this one from Reddit which, yeah, I know but since the bulk of our sources are on this side of the pond, it’s the best place to find international Big 4 news other than obscure local papers or from unmemorable African newspapers. A screenshot of an email sent out by KPMG […]