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Promotion Watch ’20: Crowe Names 104 New Partners and Principals

Whoa, wasn’t expecting this large a class of new Crowe partners and principals who finally get to sit at the adults’ table beginning on April 1, 2021. But I guess the firm is trying to impress the folks at Fortune by making a slew of promotions so it can stay in the 100 Best Companies to Work For rankings for 2021, even though Crowe laid off hundreds of people in April.

Here are the 70 men and 34 women who are the newest partners- and principals-elect at Crowe:

Advisory services

  • Kellie Adkins, Dallas
  • Marc Baker, Chicago
  • Steve Chanyi, Off-site
  • Brian Chmiel, Chicago
  • Ryan Chojnacki, Chicago
  • Vincent Covrig, Orange County, CA
  • Jeremy Epstein, Chicago
  • Jesse Evans, Off-site
  • Curt Gendron, Chicago
  • Adam Hill, Oak Brook, IL
  • Dennis Kalten, Chicago
  • Matt Keegan, Indianapolis
  • Roger Kuhn, Chicago
  • Kevin Lane, Chicago
  • Jerry Larson, Off-site
  • Wes Lindberg, Chicago
  • Juergen Meyer, Atlanta
  • Adam Newman, Denver
  • Rob Taylor, New York City
  • Stephen Wiley, Atlanta

Audit and assurance services

  • Jen Aras, Sacramento, CA
  • Greg Brown, Dallas
  • Blake Burgess, South Bend, IN
  • Stephanie Cerney, South Bend, IN
  • Nicole D’Arcy, Los Angeles
  • Kelly Faehr, Indianapolis
  • Mark Feldman, Elkhart, IN
  • Staci Guajardo, Oak Brook, IL
  • James (Bucky) High, Nashville
  • Charlie Hollingworth, New York City
  • Cliff Hong, Orange County, CA
  • Andy Jones, Indianapolis
  • Sara Krople, Oak Brook, IL
  • Amanda Lockhart, Dallas
  • Ryan Lubniewski, Denver
  • Brian Manske, Denver
  • Claire McAuliffe, Denver
  • Jim Oleff, Washington, DC
  • Rich Perilloux, Los Angeles
  • Kara Perkins, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Bill Pomponi, Hartford, CT
  • Miwako Reynolds, Los Angeles
  • Jennifer Richards, Los Angeles
  • Lisa Rivoire, Dallas
  • Brad Schelle, Indianapolis
  • Adrian Schrock, Elkhart, IN
  • Paul Smith, South Bend, IN
  • Maya Sutanto, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • K.T. Trivedi, Boston
  • Charlotte Vrba, Oak Brook, IL
  • Julie Ward, Columbus, OH


  • Sam Aina, Los Angeles
  • Tony Barnes, Indianapolis
  • Jacob Chacko, Chicago
  • Ray Cheung, San Francisco
  • Herschel Frierson, Indianapolis
  • John Haines, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Susannah Heitger, Chicago
  • Pam Hrubey, Indianapolis
  • Tom Lazard, Indianapolis
  • Michael Lucas, Chicago
  • Mohammad Nasar, Oak Brook, IL
  • Caitlin Nelson, Nashville
  • Marty Priller, South Bend, IN
  • Brandon Reed, Springfield, IL
  • Nicole Sims, Chicago
  • Tim Wessel, Nashville

Firm risk management

  • Tony Boras, Oak Brook, IL
  • Julie Collins, Oak Brook, IL
  • Mike Hartley, Oak Brook, IL
  • Steve Keeley, Oak Brook, IL
  • Angie Lewis, Columbus, OH
  • Sean Prince, New York City
  • David Wentzel, Oak Brook, IL

Product engineering

  • Neal Schneider, Indianapolis

Talent solutions

  • Julie Wood, Denver

Tax services

  • Karen Adams, Oak Brook, IL
  • Sara Arvold, Off-site
  • Emily Aziz, Knoxville, TN
  • Lisa Brooks, Nashville
  • Diane Brown, San Francisco
  • Jenny Burke, Chicago
  • Greg Buteyn, Denver
  • Ted Clark, Houston
  • Bryan Clevenger, Indianapolis
  • Andrew DeBartolo, Elkhart, IN
  • Tara DiGeronimo, Livingston, NJ
  • John Eardley, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Brent Felten, Elkhart, IN
  • Daniel Geyer, New York City
  • Azi Ghahremani, Los Angeles
  • Glenn Gines, Los Angeles
  • Dave Holets, Indianapolis
  • Robert Johnson, Los Angeles
  • Steve Lalor, New York City
  • Michael Litvinovich, Columbus, OH
  • Sue McGrath, Off-site
  • Damaris Perez, Sacramento, CA
  • Andy Rascia, Chicago
  • Shanna Reynolds, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Brent Smith, Louisville, KY
  • David Strong, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Danny Torello, Oak Brook, IL
  • Jeremy Zink, Columbus, OH

Congrats all around.