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Attention Accounting Students, the AICPA Is Giving Away Money Because COVID-19 Was Such a PITA

At this point, all of us have been affected by the Rona in one way or another (or many as the case may be), and I don’t need to waste precious word count rambling on about it. For some, the hit has been mostly a financial one, as we’ve seen week after week in the form of altered internships, pay cuts, layoffs, and adjusted bonuses. Well somewhere in all the doom, gloom, and excessive handwashing there’s a spot of good news, for accounting students that is.

The AICPA announced this week a new AICPA Foundation scholarship to benefit accounting students who “experienced extenuating circumstances such as job loss, internship loss, etc. due to COVID-19.” The AICPA COVID-19 Student Hardship Grant will provide up to $2,000 for 25 qualified students who complete an application before Aug. 31, 2020.

The full list of requirements and necessary documents, along with the application, can be found at This Way to CPA but the gist of it is:

  • Current accounting student who is not currently a CPA but plans to pursue licensure.
  • Not a current AICPA Legacy Scholar or AICPA Foundation CPA Exam Scholarship recipient.
  • Have personally experienced hardship due to COVID-19 and need some help with school expenses.

There are a few more, including a minimum GPA requirement of at least 3.0, so head over to This Way to CPA to see the full list. As with other AICPA Foundation scholarships, you’ll also have to submit a personal statement, transcripts, and in this case supporting documents if your hardship came in the form of employment or internship termination.

Applications are being accepted until the end of the August so get working on that 1,000-word essay on why Rona is the worst and how you can use $2,000 to continue your educational goals while the world is crumbling down before us.