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Accounting Students Looking for That Extra Edge Should Look No Further Than Big 4 Bootcamp

Many dewey-eyed accounting students dream of capping off their time in college with a job at a Big 4 firm. But getting that elusive offer isn't as easy as it seems. There are many ambitious candidates that would step over their own mothers to get an offer so some candidates want a little extra edge – whether it's laxative in the punch bowl at a recruiting event or getting all Tonya Harding on their most talented rivals. For those that aren't so comfortable with such cutthroat methods, intense preparation may still be warranted. Luckily for some Canadian students with Big 4 dreams – there is something out there just for you.

Four University of Waterloo graduates (including two current PwC employees) started the Big 4 Bootcamp Program that promises to "help you to land a job with the Big 4 in the Fall 2012 recruiting season or you pay nothing." How will they do this, you ask? Well for starters they are extremely qualified since they "have either worked in the Big Four (co-op and full-time) or successfully received offer letters from them in the past" and their "in-depth understanding of the Big 4 recruiting methodologies, objectives, and processes through our heavy personal involvements." But you probably want more details: 

The one-week bootcamp will be led by ex-Big 4 Seniors, which features bullshit-free and fast-paced sessions that will prepare you for the Fall 2012 Big 4 recruiting season. […] We will host an intensive one week bootcamp (Second week of September before the Big 4 applications begin) with group and one-on-one sessions. You will learn everything starting from the resume to the interview, to the small things including an impressive thank you letter, in interactive class sessions. During the week, we will take you to a classy restaurant, where you will learn the "secret sauce" to the pre-interview dinner that Big 4 hosts. Lastly, you will go through multiple rounds of mock interview sessions. The entire process closely simulates the Big Four recruiting process.

A "classy restaurant" because that's what these guys do. They class you up. And presumably, because this is a bootcamp, it will toughen you up. They will chew you up and spit you out. I mean, they've been through this. Without this bootcamp some of you rubes would probably be lucky to get through the handshake without soiling yourself, let alone make it through an interview. But once you go through this fast-paced, bullshit-free, and classy training program where you get exposed to things like silverware and people, you'll be an absolute shoe-in. Your pre-programmed answers, wooden demeanor, and perfect table manners will have recruiters throwing offer letters at you left and right. I suppose you could take your chances by not forking over $1,200+ and thus, not taking their advice but then maybe you simply don't WANT IT.

Big 4 Bootcamp