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Footnotes: Failure All Around | 07.09.12

IRS: Don't Forget Tax Credit for Day Camp [AT]

What The SEC And PCAOB Fail To Acknowledge About Chinese Fraud [RTA]

SEC Shuts Down IFRS Decision Time Line [CW]

So It Begins… Tony Nitti: "It’s a cheeky bit of strategy by the President.  By backing off his requirement that any lower and middle class extensions be permanent, Obama is attempting to show the voting public that he’s willing to work with his Republican adversaries to come to an agreement. Should the Republican party not be willing to make its own concessions — either real or largely illusory, as the President’s may well be — in order to reach an agreement to extend the cuts, they risk alienating the very lower and middle class voters who may well decide the upcoming election." [Double Taxation]

Obama Proposes Nothing Radical on Taxes. Too Bad. [TaxVox]