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Analysis: Is The Going Concern Editor on a Power Trip?

Generally, we prefer that our tip box be used for actual tips (as previously stated, "eat shit" is not a tip) but every now and then, some non-tip makes its way through that we can't help but act on. I suppose the following "tip" is one such non-tip that I'm compelled to repost here. It's probably a good thing my lazy ass editor doesn't actually edit my posts or you'd never see this enlightening comment from one GC reader.

Caleb is on a power trip more so than anyone I have ever met in the big four

Wow. I'm not sure where to start with this so, as always, I'll hit the obvious first.

I've had the honor of working with Colin for almost 3 years (Jesus, has it really been that long?) and let me tell you, the guy is nothing if not humble. And even if he were some power-hungry douchebag, to what power could you possibly be referring? Do you mean control of this crappy website he is paid to run 7 days a week when he isn't bailing to tour the world while I cover his ass? This is a website not a wiki, get over it. The majority of content you see on Going Concern is, in fact, user-generated as we spend hours upon hours analyzing your shitty ass comments to determine what you like and what you can't stand. Or at least I do. I have no idea what Colin does most of the time when he isn't checking in from douchebag hipster Denver bars on foursquare.

The consensus is that you guys don't really like Colin and personally I find that awesome. He probably won't admit as much but I think he likes it too, it shows you guys are skeptical of some KPMG dropout with a penchant for really hilarious typos and we can all agree that your skepticism is awesome. This is the guy who wrote the headline "CPAs Still Have a Leg Up on Computers, Smarthphones Says Leader of CPAs," after all. SMARTHPHONES, people. He's harmless.

We allow you to call him Hitler Newquist without permanently banning your IP, which I think says a lot. Granted, most of you try to be slick and register to comment with emails like [email protected] but still, we could pretty much block any of your IPs if we really wanted to. If he was on some sick Internet power trip, I imagine he would have implemented something along those lines by now.

And really, have you actually met Caleb? He accidentally ended up working as an auditor at a bootleg Big 4 firm years ago, it's not like he's one of those squinty-eyed, phony ASC fanboys you meet at networking events. The guy studied under former SEC Chief Accountant Lynn Turner, give him some credit for not drinking the Kool-Aid, Christ.

From day one, he has disagreed with most of my positions – on life, on love, on work, on banging strangers, on accounting, on politics, on cats… It's a miracle we haven't strangled each other already, but we've benefitted from never being within each other's personal space except for maybe 6 days total throughout our entire working relationship. The guy has a lot of character flaws but "power tripping" isn't really one of them. How do you think an accounting tabloid blogger who knows he makes a minimum of 10.4 typos a day is going to go on a raging power trip?

When asked for his thoughts, he told me this "Power trip? Yeah, I suppose. I mean, my dress code consists of board shorts and ironic t-shirts, and my "interns" leave first thing in the morning before my Mom has breakfast ready. And she makes awesome eggs florentine."

See? Asshole, maybe. Power trip? Not quite.

Next time you dare clutter up my inbox, you better come at me with some substantive evidence.