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Am I already pigeonholing myself?

How limiting is starting in Big 4 Tax for your career? After the talk on here about the MBA thread, and some self reflection, I'm getting worried about my tax career. I don't really want to do Tax long term, and after finishing my last two accounting classes (corporate tax and individual tax), I just don't really like it that much. Tax seems lucrative, but I'm more interested in Finance/Economics and want to put my Econ/Math degree to actual use at some point, so maybe a Senior Financial Analyst role after some Big 4 time, or something similar. I got hired full time without an internship so I haven't seen it in the real world really. I'm sure some of the tax fields are really good, but you'll be doing tax forever.


What should I do? Push for a certain group, push for a change of service lines to audit or some sort of advisory? Or just stay put and suck it up?