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Accounting Holiday Roundup: New Gig for Former PwC’s Partner on Barclays; A Year for Inversions; Gifts at Work | 12.24.14

It's going to be a short day here at the ol' accounting chicanery factory. Enjoy the next couple of days whether it includes Jesus' birthday, wolfing Chinese food or sleeping in late. We'll be back in full force on Monday. 

South Korea Indicts Uber C.E.O. and Local Unit for Transport Law Breach [NYT]
The law prohibits "individuals or firms without appropriate licences from providing or facilitating transportation services."

SEC Faults Rating Firms for Rule Lapses, Lax Cybersecurity [WSJ]
This sounds comforting: "
In two annual SEC staff reports based on reviews of the 10 credit-rating firms registered with the agency, the agency said the industry’s largest players lacked sufficient internal systems to prevent the 'misuse or inappropriate dissemination' of sensitive or restricted information about the firms and entities they rate."

PwC probed as audit partner lined up for ICAEW presidency [Accountancy Age]
Andrew Ratcliffe ran the Barclays engagement during the period that is under investigation by the FRC.

Success and Failure in a Year of Prominent Deals [DealBook]
Burger King and Tim Hortons got an 'A-'. Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp and Google's acquisition of Nest are puzzling.

The Dos and Don'ts of Giving Gifts at Work [FC]
We figure you've got another week to find something.

10 Remarkable People on Having a Career That Matters [HBR]
Includes Pele, Jon Cleese, the Salman Khan.

So Long, From You’re the Boss [NYT]
Unfortunately, the editor for this NYT small business blog is leaving so YTB is kaput.

How to track Santa's route on Christmas Eve [Mashable]
British Airways has the flight plan.

Sun Sizzles in High-Energy X-Rays [NASA]
This picture of that nearby star we all owe our lives to is ridiculous.

Man Sentenced For Selling Crack At Iowa Candy Store [AP]
Wayne's Candy in Dubuque had some illegal off-menu items.