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Advice for a non-traditional student

I have a BA in a non-accounting major and am currently taking the prereq's at a community college to be able to sit for the CPA exam. Last year I started an internship at a tiny business management firm. I've learned how to work with Datafaction and that's basically it. I do a lot of bank recs and inputting of invoices.

I'm wondering what other direction I can go into workwise. I have one more Intermediate class to finish so that's the level I am at academically. I still have to take tax, auditing and cost accounting. Should I aim for a masters first or to take the CPA Exam? Also, what other job options do I have at this point other than working at business management firm? 

Once I have the prereq's fulfilled and have passed the CPA exam (assuming I don't go for the master's) what types of firms would be interested in someone with their accounting classes at a community college (a good one). I'm trying to figure out my next move.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.