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Senior Accountant to Manager in Industry

Hi All,

I graduated from a top 10 accounting program with BBA/Macc, did the typical path of two years audit in a mid-size public accounting firm, got my CPA, then left for industry in a corporate accounting (month end close/GL role). I’ve been in industry for 4 years now (6 years total experience) and am wondering how to become an accounting manager. Judging from linkedin profiles, it looks like most people become a manager with 5-7 years of experience. However, it seems like all manager jobs require previous managerial/supervisory experience. It seems like this is the typical chicken and the egg scenario – how can I get supervisory experience if it’s a requirement to become a manager? It doesn’t look like I will become a manager in my current company as the current manager has been there a long time and isn’t leaving soon. I’ve talked to recruiters but they say that companies want to see previous supervisory experience in order to consider me for a manager position. Does anyone have any advice for breaking into a manager role? Is what the recruiters say true? If so, how can I become a manager? I don’t want to be stuck in Senior Accountant land for the rest of my career.

Additional information: Location is Atlanta and I’m currently at 80k as a Senior Accountant.