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Accounting News Roundup: Deloitte’s Audit Problems, Women in Finance, a COSO Certification | 12.12.16

Deloitte's audit quality problems

Francine McKenna chronicles Deloitte's audit problems from the last decade-plus, making special note of one of the Brazil 12, Wanderley Olivetti, who tried to hold Parmalat, the Italian dairy company, accountable in 2002. She writes, "Olivetti rose to the top of Deloitte Brazil because of, or perhaps despite, his apparent demonstration of integrity in the Parmalat case." Documents released in a lawsuit later "showed that Olivetti agreed to soften the wording of his objections so that Deloitte Italy would not have to issue a negative audit opinion." 

Women in finance

The numbers are, uh, mixed:


Apparently there's one for COSO? And now you can take it online? It allows candidates "to become experts in designing, implementing and monitoring a system of internal control" based on the 2013 framework. Presumably you can print it out, frame-ready.

Has Donald Trump released his tax returns?

Nope! But a New York Times editorial says that a New York State legislator, Brad Hoylman, has introduced a bill that would "require presidential and vice-presidential candidates to disclose up to five years of their tax returns 50 days before the general election." Any candidate who does not comply would not appear on the ballot in that state and Electoral College electors would not be able to vote for them. If it passes, that could make 2020 fun!

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