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September 21, 2023

opportunities or a lack thereof

graphic of a man pulling out empty pockets

KPMG Research Confirms: Social Class Determines Your Career Opportunities. Surprise!

Some time back, KPMG UK released novel research that analyzed the career paths of more than 16,500 partners and employees at KPMG over a five-year period to discover that socioeconomic background, measured by parental occupation, had the strongest effect on how quickly an individual progressed through the firm. So if a KPMG employee’s highest earning […]

Accounting Student Whose Awkward Email Made the Rounds at Big 4 Firms Makes Fitting Retaliatory Video

Though it is never our intention, there have been a few times when news published on Going Concern has a life-shattering effect for some people. You know, like that weirdo who was filming coworkers in the bathroom stall next to him and young people stressing about retirement. Heck, even I suffer consequences from being associated […]