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Accounting News Roundup: Lots of Bad Audits and CEO-Employee Pay Gaps | 03.12.18

Accounting watchdogs find ‘serious problems’ at 40% of audits [FT]
The 52 audit regulators that make up the International Forum of Independent Audit Regulators found “accounting lapses […] at two-fifths of the 918 audits” they examined last year. Among these, 41 percent “related to independence and ethics,” a figure one expert called “absurdly high.”

Are You Underpaid? In a First, U.S. Firms Reveal How Much They Pay Workers [WSJ]
As companies begin to release their CEO-to-median-employee ratios, one consultant on the rule said that employees “are going to go through something akin to the stages of grief,” when seeing the eye-popping results. Marathon Petroleum, for example, paid its CEO 935 times as much as its median worker.

Paul Ryan Tax Cut Showcase Upstaged by Trump Tariff Announcement [Bloomberg]
It sucks when the boss undermines you with his stupid ideas. But since Paul Ryan is the victim here, our sympathy wanes.

IRS has more than $1B in refunds waiting for 2014 non-filers [AT]
If you have clients who didn’t file a 2014 return, they have until April 17 to speak now or forever hold their peace about the refund.

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