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Footnotes: Boy Scouts Coming Around to Jim Turley’s Point of View; Read Bob Herz’s Book; Taxing Ice Cream Cakes in Wisco | 04.19.13

The Boy Scouts seem to have come around to Jim Turley's point of view on their "no gays" policy. [ABC]

Ex-FASB chairman Bob Herz wrote a memoir. [AICPA]

Frank Kurre, the new OMP of GT's New York office is getting a masters in pastoral studies. [GT]

Here's Wisconsin's explanation of how/when the sale of ice cream cakes should be taxed. [WI.GOV via Josh Barro]

Lauryn Hill faces eviction on top of tax problems [LAT]

CFTC Charges Tunney Accounting Firm with Audit Failure [AT]

Looking for growth? Then look beyond the Brics, says Grant Thornton [FT]

Elvis Impersonators Who Have Gone To Jail Over Ricin, Other Allegations [HP]

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