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ANR: Survey Reminds Us That Everyone Hates the Proposed Lease Accounting Standard; McGladrey Is in the Dog House; Tax Prep Ads on One Dollar Bills | 01.29.14

Deloitte Survey: Preparation for Lease Accounting Compliance Stalls as Concerns over IT and Data Systems Rise [Deloitte]
I think we're officially at the kicking and screaming point when Deloitte is doing surveys that receive this kind of response: "The quality of data, the complexity of compliance, and a lack of confidence in IT systems are the main concerns for companies ahead of the finalizing of a new lease accounting standard, with almost 80 percent of executives believing that compliance with the new standard will be difficult, according to a new Deloitte survey on the proposed standard."

British Land drops Deloitte as auditor [Economia]
PwC will take it from here.

Meanwhile, back on campus:

Obama renews corporate tax proposals [The Hill]
Has the President considered using a cattle prod to get things moving? "Both Democrats and Republicans have argued that our tax code is riddled with wasteful, complicated loopholes that punish businesses investing here, and reward companies that keep profits abroad.  Let’s flip that equation.”  

H&R Block Stops Income Tax Ads on Dollar Bills After Complaints [KCS]
"I reported it to the Department of the Treasury," said [Lindsay] Dressler, an Idaho resident. "Think of the precedent that would set if we allowed companies to advertise on currency. It would get out of control very quickly. It should be off limits for advertising." — Advertising? Out of control? I can't imagine such horror!

A Chinese Puzzle: What If Its Auditors Really Are Barred from Practice in America? [Re:Balance]
Jim Peterson covers all the angles.

Real woman to quit her job during GoDaddy's Super Bowl ad [Today]
Sounds like someone missed a chance to read their farewell email on TV.

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