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Got Product Marketing and Accounting Experience? Here’s a Job for You.

product marketing and accounting

FloQast, makers of some really cool software that helps accountants close their books faster, needs help from someone who can spread its message—someone who has strong accounting experience but can also sell clients on why this streamlined closing software is such a leap forward. They need someone who knows product marketing and accounting. But there’s a big perk:  this is a remote position, meaning you can work from anywhere.

Are You a Product Marketing and Accounting Guru?

FloQast has a really unique need: someone with product marketing and accounting experience. If that sounds like you, jump to the bottom and apply now! Or keep reading to see how FloQast’s products are revolutionizing the closing process.

Closing Pains

As you’re probably well aware, closing your books at the end of the month is a cumbersome, time-consuming process. Sometimes it feels like baking a cake with 20 chefs in the kitchen. Timing is critical, though at any moment one of the cooks can throw in a new ingredient or write the wrong name with the icing, preventing fast completion.

If you didn’t like the cake metaphor, here’s another: The whole thing can feel like running a circus. Feed the elephants, control the lions, and make sure the clowns are saving their antics for the show.

Now Closing Your Books is Easier Than Ever

But maybe closing doesn’t have to be so arduous. We’ve found a new product that makes the process faster and easier.

FloQast close management software was created by accountants to help you close faster and more accurately.

The application enables you to close books faster with a streamlined accounting team process. You’ll eliminate manual ticking and tying with automated tie-outs. And you’ll hit your deadlines with fewer snags and less micromanagement.

FloQast also helps you hand over your financials with confidence, ensuring completeness. You’ll have the certainty of knowing that everything ties out (and stays that way), and you’ll minimize human error by automating manual tasks.

Plus, FloQast enables you to work better with your accounting team. It will unify your closing process, help you focus on high priority items, and allow you to collaborate through review notes.

It all sounds a lot less like a circus and more like what it should be—a fast, automated, unified machine that closes the books without the need for someone to stand by and make sure the whole thing doesn’t explode.

Unnaturally Fast Growth

FloQast has been growing at a startling rate and already has a number of high profile clients, including Indeed, Zillow, GrubHub, and the seemingly unstoppable Golden State Warriors. If FloQast sounds like a good solution for you or your company, try a demo now.

While FloQast clearly provides a great product, they may have something even better to offer: a job opportunity. If you’ve got the product marketing and accounting experience they’re looking for and want a job where you can work remotely, apply now.

About Floqast

FloQast builds cloud-based software that helps manage accounting departments by centralizing the workflow, assigning tasks, supporting documentation and automating tie-outs and reconciliations.

Why Work with Us

FloQast is a fast growing, Los Angeles-based startup redefining how a critical business process (financial close) is performed. We are the first company of our kind to focus specifically on the mid-market; our only “competitors” have built for the enterprise. Some clients you may know are Indeed, Zillow, GrubHub and the Golden State Warriors. We are fanatics about the success of our customers. Check us out on G2 Crowd.

Open Positions

There are currently no vacancies.