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Footnotes: New Digs For EY; LOL French People; Ugh Deadbeat Clients | 11.20.13

After SEC Prod, Microsoft Adds Details on Foreign Taxes and Surface [WSJ Digits]

Legendary accountant and all-around good guy honored by the Boy Scouts for being such an all-around good guy [Reading Eagle]

Shockingly, a client with "dysfunctional" accounting hired an accountant to fix it, ignored his advice and then didn't pay his $40,313 bill for 161.25 hours of services. Not shockingly, he is now suing the client. [STR]

Mark Cuban wants to get in Mary Jo White's shark tank [WaPo]

This French guy has a chub for taxes [HuffPo]

The real IRS scandal is the "low-level" employees that Lois Lerner threw under the bus are mad they were thrown under said bus [Federal Eye]

EY's UK HQ is so crowded, they're hooking themselves up with more space [Telegraph]

Deloitte granted leave to appeal record MG Rover fine [Reuters]

Excellent hed of the day: How to Pick a Securities Fraud Jury When Everyone Hates Everybody [BB]

The streets are paved with cheese in Wisconsin! OK, not really, but… bless my brilliant people for this innovative, money-saving substitute for rock salt! UFF DA! Life handed Wisconsin lemons, and Wisconsin has come right back with the cheesiest lemonade you ever did see. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to dispose of cheese brine every year, Wisconsin will be putting that liquid provolone gold right back to use by pouring it onto the roads—which, in turn, is making them safer than ever before. [Gizmodo]