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Accounting News Roundup: Deloitte Snatches Up LRA Worldwide; EY’s New Midwest Leader; Flexible Work-Life Balance | 06.30.15

Deloitte Acquires LRA Worldwide [AT]
LRA is a "customer experience measurement provider" and will be part of Deloitte Advisory.

Ernst & Young names new Midwestern managing partner [Crain's]
Kelly Grier succeeds Rick Fazell. She's the first woman to lead the Midwest region for EY.

Jeb Bush to Release 33 Years of Tax Returns [WW/WSJ]
The record currently belongs to Bob Dole, who released 28 years worth of returns over three presidential and vice-presidential campaigns.

Accountant Barry Ginsberg of Peabody admits swindling businesses out of tax money [TSN]
Sticky-fingered accountant #1.

Police: Accountant stole $423K from client [PennLive]
Sticky-fingered accountant #2 (allegedly!).

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Work and Life Don't Always Have to Be Balanced [Lifehacker]
That is, your work/life doesn't need to be strictly enforced: "Sometimes you might get overwhelmed with a major work project that you find exhilarating and miss out on a family dinner or two. And sometimes you might need to blow off work for a week or two to take a vacation. Neglecting one or the other is bad, but being slightly out of balance isn’t the worst thing in the world."

Millions from Phil Mickelson tied to money laundering, gambling case [ESPN/OTL]
A sports handicapper, Gregory Silveira, pleaded guilty last week to money laundering $2.75 million. An initial filing of the plea agreement referenced the client as "P.M." but after ESPN/OTL started asking questions, an amended version of the agreement omitted any mention of "P.M." Two sources told OTL that the money was Phil's.