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Footnotes: John Boehner’s Counter-offer and Other Things That Will Likely Be Rejected | 12.11.12

John Boehner has sent Obama new counter-offer [WaPo]

SEC Sues 'Gatekeeper' for Chinese Companies [WSJ]

U.S. Exceptionalism and Accounting Standards: Investors' Viewpoint [Forbes]

Accountant charged with stealing $432,000 from employer, using it to build lake house [MSPBJ]

Grant Thornton fined by ICAEW Plus a reprimand! [Economia]

Is your response to taxes genetic? [DMWT]

Why Didn’t Anyone Get Pinched at HSBC? [Bloomberg]

David Cay Johnston: Why We Need to Raise Taxes on the Rich [TaxProf]

Delta Buys 49% Virgin Atlantic Stake for NYC-U.K. Service [BBW]

Driving Dogs Pass Test In New Zealand After two months of training, the dogs were strapped into modified cars and headed down a racetrack in what has been described as a world-first. "It's all the dog doing it," trainer Mark Vette said. "He's started the key, put the paw on the brake to allow it to go into gear, put it into drive, paw on the steering wheel, accelerator on, and off he goes down the track." The cars have handles fitted on the steering wheels and dashboard-height brakes as well as accelerator pedals and a speed limiter to make sure the car doesn't go above a walking pace. [HP]

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