September 24, 2022

Selling Pot Out of Your Tax Prep Business Named ‘420 Multi Services’ Will Only Fool People for So Long

Remember awhile back when we looked at some unusual tax offices?

Well even longer ago, we wrote about a Bronx joint called 420 Multi Services. I know what you’re thinking. What you’re thinking is not what anyone else was thinking because apparently 420 operated as a totally inconspicuous tax prep office for 10 years. I mean who would think that a place called 420 Multi Services would have anything at all to do with weed?

Back in 2011, 420 Multi Services got in a little bit of trouble for tax refund schemes and threatening IRS agents, which is never a good idea. It’s especially not a good idea if your business name includes a marijuana reference even your grandma would get.

Well, they’re back in the news again and this time, they have finally lived up to their name:

The owner of a Bronx tax filing business called 420 Multi Services was arrested on marijuana possession charges.

Michael Thomas and three employees, possibly trying to relieve the stress of the upcoming tax season, were busted Wednesday after an NYPD narcotics officer observed the quartet in their Morris Park office with a ziplock bag full of weed.

Upon searching the storefront office, cops found seven ziplock bags with two ounces of pot, a pipe and a metal grinder used to break up weed, according to a complaint.

Wait a second… are you telling me that 420 Multi Services was engaged in something other than legal tax preparation?

News 12 Bronx has an amazing quote:

The state Department of Taxation confirms that agents removed boxes of documents and computers in the raid as part of a drug investigation.

Quite a few people were seen walking up to the company trying to do their taxes there, saying they had no clue that other alleged business was taking place. They did not want to talk, but workers from nearby businesses said they never suspected anything.

“Trying to do taxes” huh? So that’s what they’re calling it these days?

According to News 12, the owner and employees face several charges including criminal sale of a controlled substance and criminal possession of marijuana in the fifth degree.

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