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Accounting News Roundup: Contingent Bonuses and Motivation; Apologizing for Embarrassing Emails; PowerPoint Karaoke | 03.19.15

Top Wall Street Lawyer Slams Regulatory Environment [WSJ]
If you enjoy stuff like this: Rodgin Cohen believes the false notion of "regulatory capture" is causing all the problems between banks and the government.

Why Leaders Lack Emotional Intelligence [Entrepreneur]
For starters, they need to get some sleep.

Apologize Quickly If You Send an Embarrassing Email [HBR]
This should be helpful if your farewell email ends up on this site.

How Contingent Bonuses Affect Motivation (Based On A True Story) [Thriveal]
You can get Greg Kyte to do anything by calling him a chicken. 

May the odds never be in your favor.

PowerPoint Karaoke Brings Stress Relief to Silicon Valley’s Embattled Office Workers [WSJ]
For your next Office Olympics.

Well I screwed up my writing assessment for EY [r/accounting]
As a follow-up to yesterday.

Luxury bus is here to disrupt your S.F. commute [SFGate]
Well, the Muni doesn't sell coffee or have WiFi!