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Footnotes: “Casual Readers” of Financial Statements Want Things a Little Breezier and Other Stuff We Don’t Understand | 12.14.12

HP Former CEO Says Board Shares Blame for Autonomy Deal [Bloomberg]

FASB, CAQ Find Support for New Disclosure Framework A summary of two separate forums hosted by the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Center for Audit Quality says sophisticated investors and users of financial statements aren't concerned with reducing the volume of disclosures. More casual readers of financial statements, however, are very interested in discussing what can be done to streamline disclosures. [CW]

Warren Buffett emailed CNBC about a couple of things they got wrong. [BI]

Karl Rove’s Dark Money Group Promised IRS It Would Spend ‘Limited’ Money on Elections [ProPublica]
Consider Not Setting Goals in 2013 [HBR]
Carl Levin: Corporate revenues must be in debt deal [The Hill]
Alternative Minimum Tax Increase Looming Over Fiscal Cliff Negotiations [TF]
Paying Taxes on Capital Gains Early: How Investors are Avoiding Tax Hikes [TaxVox]
SEC Stands Pat as Global Accounting Forges Ahead [CFO]
This Is A Story About A Person Who Volunteered To Run A Marathon While Hungover For $1,000 [DB]
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