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Accounting News Roundup: KPMG Confesses Lack of Diversity; PwC Looking to Hire Some People; Bribing an IRS Auditor Still a Bad Move | 10.14.14

In Comcast Controversy, Fired Customer Won’t Get Job Back [PhillyMag]
Let's play "Who's the liar?": "
The dispute seems to boil down to this point: O'Rourke is accused of identifying himself as a PwC employee — the company handles some Comcast business — as a way of throwing his weight around in an attept to get his billing issues resolved. O'Rourke insists he never identified his employer, and says Comcast must have deduced his place of work before contacting PwC to complain."

Some Big Firms Do Just Fine Without a CFO [CFOJ]
Really, they have one; (s)he just might have another job, too.

KPMG outs itself as firm that must address diversity imbalance [Accountancy Age]
This is an interesting confession: "KPMG has admitted that the class, gender, ethnic and sexual orientation of it staff does not reflect the make-up of wider British society or its client base. And in order to begin addressing the oversight, it has unveiled a detailed diversity profile of its 11,500 staff. The Big Four firm also announced targets over the next three years to benchmark itself and recruit and develop its workforce accordingly. The firm says it now has the most detailed set of targets of its industry group."

Lowell chiropractor pleads guilty to bribing IRS auditor [BG]
This doesn't sound like too sly of a plan: "
Steven Jacobs, 56, pleaded guilty to bribery of a public official in federal court in Boston after allegedly paying an IRS auditor $5,000 in cash to sign off on an audit, ignoring that Jacobs had claimed two false deductions in his 2011 and 2012 income tax returns, Ortiz’s office said."

PwC to make 16,000 US hires this year. Here’s how to land the job [EFC]
Roughly 10,500 on the entry-level side and 5,500 experience hires," according to Rod Adams, US Recruitment Leader.

High-flying wife who gave up her job to look after her children fights her accountant ex-husband for bigger slice of their £11m fortune – because she 'sacrificed her career' [DM]
The Daily Mail, everyone.

Nerd culture is destroying Silicon Valley [Quartz]
And now for something completely different: "
I’d always hoped we were more virtuous than the mainstream, but it turns out we just didn’t have enough power to cause much harm. Our ingrained sense of victimization has become a perverse justification for bullying. That’s why I’m calling time on nerd culture. It’s done wonderful things, but these days it’s like a crawling horror of a legacy codebase so riddled with problems the only rational decision is to deprecate it and build something better."

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