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Accounting Legends, Hotties, and Old White Guys: Going Concern Is Now on Pinterest

It took a bit of arm-twisting on my part but I finally convinced Colin to let us launch an official Going Concern Pinterest! We're thrilled to add this female-friendly social media property to our existing online presence. Okay, by we I mean mostly me with Colin begrudgingly admitting that maybe it was a good idea until he understands what the hell the point of pinning is.

For now, we've set up a few boards for your entertainment:

Accounting Hotties: granted, this one was pretty hard to put together. The whole point of pinning is having something to pin and, well, you guys already know. Anyway, we were able to scrape together a few accounting hotties – including some ridiculously good looking chartered accountant who probably isn't from this planet – and are always up for suggestions. No one say anything about my BoMo obsession. Seriously, I'll claw your eyes out.

CPA exam motivation: Looking for some good old GC motivation? Look no further than this board, which serves to make you wonder why you ever chose this career in the first place and inspire you to hit the bar after every 74.

Legends of Accounting: Who knew Piet Klynveld was such a stunning man? Now we all do.

Fashion forward accountants: This is another nearly impossible board to pin to but we're up for the challenge. Don't expect much.

Old white guys: Just to prove that accounting leadership consists of mostly old white guys, we've curated a ton of them for you. The fact that this is our board with the most pins right now should pretty much make the point.

We'll be adding more boards as we come up with them and are always open to suggestions. Accounting-themed wedding board, anyone?