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Accounting to IT?

anyone here has experience or know any accountants that diverted their careers into IT/programming/System Design, etc?

I am a recent MS Accounting degree graduate and I am looking into a programming/IT related career. What are the career opportunities out there?

Right now, I am working as a staff accountant at a non-profit. I am on my way of getting my CPA (only 1 part remaining) and already have the 150 credit and 1 year of working experience to get myself qualified. I have no prior IT/programming background. My experience is limited to Excel functions and some simple VBA. If IT/Programming is what I am interested in, what should I do?

1)Stay at my current job or find another pure accounting job after I got my CPA and take some programming certified courses at night/weekend?

2)My friend who works in an IT consultant company is looking for a bunch of entry level IT consultant and they provide training. However, since it’s an entry level job that require very little/no prior knowledge, the starting salary is in the 40k~45k range.

Your advise is greatly appreciated!!!!