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E&Y FSO Advisory Interviewing Experience

This is already after the fact for me already. But thought I'd contribute during my lunch break since I have been a long time passive GC fan. I interviewed with E&Y's FSO Advisory group (senior positions) last year, and it was the most ridiculous interviewing experience I have ever gone through or heard of. I was contacted by a recruiter, and then interviewed with 2 managers and a partner at the office after an initial phone interview with the recruiter. The recruiter took less than a week to get back to me to tell me that the interview went well and they'd like to extend me an offer. After submitting some stuff related to my salary, I didn't hear back for about 3-4 weeks until I followed up with the recruiter and my interviewers. I got a response from the recruiter saying it is in progress, and one of my interviewers got back to me and said she'd help me look into it and urge the recruiter to keep following up with me. This basically happened back and forth for about another month. So after 2 months total, I started looking into other positions (which I ended taking). About 3 months passed until the recruiter finally reached out to me to tell me that the offer and everything is all packaged and just needs to be signed off. It is basically just sitting at the partner's desk, but they are currently running into problems with assessing needs of the group. At that time, I already received another offer and took it.

Not sure if this is a unique experience to E&Y's FSO Advisory group, but that was insane. Does anyone have a similar horror story related to interviewing?