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PwC Study: Millennial Women Find Companies Better at Paying Lip Service to Diversity Than Delivering It

As we're about to learn in the following tweet, sometimes expectations don't meet with reality.



The way they phrase the infographic, one might assume respondents overwhelmingly chose diversity and inclusion policies as important, up there with competitive wages and flexible work arrangements. Sure, but diversity and inclusion isn't even among those choices.

Instead, the survey calls it out. Well of course people will say diversity is important to them if you ask them just how important it is. No one, even in an anonymous survey, is going to be like "actually I'm kind of a racist so diversity isn't at all important to me."

So maybe you don't care all that much either way about diversity but since you're being asked, you need an answer. And, as previously stated above, your answer probably shouldn't be "I would actually much rather work with a bunch of dudes that look exactly like me."

Next, you're asked if organizations are meeting your expectations when it comes to the diversity initiatives they claim to care about. WOW, [insert faux shock here].

What's the saying about if you have to talk about… We all know that accounting firms in particular love to play lip service to certain unicorns such as work-life balance and diversity that look great on paper but don't really appear in the wild, as it were.

What's our lesson? Keep your expectations low and you'll rarely be disappointed.