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This Accounting Firm Hopes Its Marketing Campaign Will Change the Way You Look at Bad Words

When it comes to accounting firm marketing, even the biggest of the big firms can flop (we need not speak of EY's rebranding in the context of a Safe Search off Google Image search but we will, again, because hahahaha I can't believe they did that). In the case of little guys SS&G, we aren't sure what to think.

SS&G's "words" campaign seems harmless enough:

Most people regard accounting services with the same gusto as a trip to the dentist’s office. At SS&G, we understand that it can seem like a painful, complicated process. That’s why we always offer expert, trusted advice without the aches and pains.

Got it. Clients hate the fact that they are required to utilize your services to stay compliant with regulatory agencies and tax collectors. Clients hate that it takes you so many billable hours to get that done and that they have to write a check to you when it's all said and done. That's where the words come in.

Utilizing clean, eye-catching designs, a conversational voice, and playful wit, this campaign demystifies the tax, assurance, accounting, and consulting processes by turning negative notions on their heads, ultimately inviting clients and friends to experience the difference of our warm, welcoming, user-friendly service.

This is where it gets strange.

No, no, this is where it gets strange. Let's check out "code," which maybe talks about charge codes or something light and silly? Sure:

To be honest, the whole thing has just a little… uh… what's the word?