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You’ll Never Guess Which Big 4 Firm Is the Only One to Make This Top Companies List

Yellow number five painted on pavement

…actually, that headline pretty much gave it away. It’s KPMG and they’ve found themselves in the #5 spot on the Fair360 Top 50 Companies list.

Who or what is Fair360, you ask? Who cares!

For real though, Fair360 used to be called DiversityInc, a name that might be slightly more familiar to you. They rebranded last year, citing “the ever-changing sociopolitical landscape and our commitment to a holistic approach to workplace fairness” as why. The list methodology is long and complicated, let’s not get too deep into it. The ranking is “based on empirical data obtained through organizations completing and submitting the online survey” and this next part is too long for quotation marks so here you go:

The assessment provides detailed insights into representation metrics across several dimensions and intersectionality segments including race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status and veteran/active military status of employees, leadership and board of directors. In addition, the assessment captures information regarding supplier fairness and philanthropy-related spending and practices to generate relevant benchmarks, best practices and research.

KPMG naturally put out a press release to inform everyone of this wonderful news.

KPMG LLP ranked #5 on Fair360’s 2024 Top 50 Companies list, appearing on the list for the 18th consecutive year. The announcement was made live on May 13, 2024, at Fair360’s annual event in New York.

Since 2001, the Fair360 (previously known as DiversityInc) Top 50 survey has recognized U.S. employers that are committed to overall workplace fairness.

The obligatory leadership fluff:

“The world is growing increasingly complex, and the future leaders of our industry will be those who attract the most innovative and skilled people, create diverse and well-managed teams, and build connections based on trust with their clients and our society,” said KPMG U.S. Chair and CEO, Paul Knopp. “By fostering a work environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered, we unlock the full potential of our people and create a culture of innovation and excellence.”

And more fluff:

As a values-driven organization, KPMG has a long-standing commitment to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and a sense of belonging both within the firm and in the broader marketplace, and it continues to be a strategic priority. 

And MORE fluff:

“At KPMG, we prioritize a culture of genuine understanding and empathy, so we are equipped to meet the unique needs of our workforce,” said KPMG U.S. Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Elena Richards. “Together, we are building an environment where everyone can flourish and reach their highest potential.”

OK, we’ve gotten to the end of the fluff. Really was worried for a minute there it was going to go on for many more paragraphs.

The full 2024 Fair360 Top 50 Companies list

KPMG moved up one spot from #6 on last year’s list and amazingly, this isn’t their first time as the only Big 4 firm on the list. See our 2019 report: KPMG Gets Another Award For Being the Big 4 Firm That Is the Least Old, Male, and Pale

Five years of KPMG’s ranking history on the Fair360 Top 50 Companies list. Source: Fair360

We suppose it’s worth noting that neither EY nor PwC qualify for the Top 50 list as once a company earns a #1 spot, they’re forever retired to the Hall of Fame. PwC took #1 in 2012, EY in 2017. This makes them ineligible for inclusion in the Top 50, possibly to prevent the kind of PwC/Deloitte domination we’ve witnessed year after year on the Vault rankings. Only makes sense an organization called Fair360 would like to give others their fair shot at glory.

Fans of lists will love to hear that there are even more lists, Fair360 has conveniently listed (ugh) them out and included KPMG’s rank for each.

Specialty Lists

Top Companies for Asian American Executives20246
Top Companies for Supplier Fairness20245
Top Companies for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)20242
Top Companies for Board of Directors202410
Top Companies for LGBTQ+ Employees20246
Top Companies for Latino Executives20247
Top Companies for Mentoring202410
Top Companies for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)20241
Top Companies for People with Disabilities (PwD)20249
Top Companies for Sponsorship202413
Top Companies for Executive Fairness Councils202411
Top Companies for Philanthropy202415
Top Companies for Veterans20248

They better watch out, EY is dangerously close to unseating them as supreme leader of employee resource groups.

Congrats to them and maybe if they keep self-reporting performing as well as they have they will one day join PwC and EY in that storied Hall of Fame.

KPMG named No. 5 on Fair360 Top 50 Companies List [KPMG]

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