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Goldman Sachs CEO Must Have Been a Big 4 Partner In a Previous Life

“Just remember: if we all go an extra mile for our client, even when we feel that we’re reaching our limit, it can really make a difference in our performance.”

David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs, said in a message to the investment bank’s 34,000 staff worldwide last Sunday, in which he responded to allegations from 13 junior bankers who said they worked more than 95 hours a week on average and are victims of workplace abuse.

While Solomon told his underlings that “It’s great that this group of analysts went to their management,” it’ll always be Goldman Sachs über alles. From CNN:

Solomon echoed the bank’s statement from last week that pointed to “historic” volumes adding to bankers’ workloads.

“Clients are active, and volumes in a lot of our businesses are at historic highs,” he said. “Of course, the combination of the pandemic and all this activity put stress and strain on everyone at Goldman Sachs.”

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