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September 26, 2023

Word Hits TikTok That Big 4 Firms Are Cheap Bastards, “It’s Modern Day Slavery”

Deloitte Australia is trying to be transparent by releasing salary data but apparently this tactic isn’t working, not with Daily Mail writing headlines like Young Aussie reveals why many millennials no longer want to work in corporate jobs – after boomers said the generation was ‘lazy and entitled’ that is.

Here’s the TikTok that inspired such dramatics:

@gowokegobrokeaus Tell me how it makes sense #big4 #deloitte #fyp #graduate #work #commentator #corporatelife #corporate ♬ original sound – Go Woke Go Broke

“So graduates apparently earn around $65,000 a year which is a fine graduate salary for a normal job but working at a big four consulting firm is not a normal job. They demand to basically devote your life to them,” she says. “They make their graduates work 12-14 hours a day and they’re paying them what, $65,000? It’s an absolute joke. It’s modern day slavery. They bill these graduates out at $200, $300 an hour and how much do they pay them, $20 an hour? Tell me, how it makes sense? This is why I hate big business and why people are flocking away from large corporations in record numbers because they’ve realize they are getting absolutely rorted.”

Maybe it’s because I’m old (or American?) but I had to look ‘rorted‘ up. No shame.

Ah, I get it.

As of publication, there are more than 2000 comments on her original TikTok.

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  1. I hate when people compare ANYTHING to slavery. This isn’t quite as bad as saying that pro athletes are slaves, but it’s still pretty ridiculous. First of all, as opposed to an actual slave, you can fucking leave anytime you want. Second, $65k is a pretty damn good starting salary for someone who doesn’t know shit, and therefore isn’t capable of contributing much of anything to their team or the company. You’re literally getting paid to learn. And you get benefits, employment rights, a brand new laptop computer which you can use for personal shit, and you get to work in an air conditioned office. Shut the fuck up about being a slave, you lazy bastards. If you don’t like it, go work at McDonald’s.

    1. B4V – great comment. I’ve been working with graduates in my current advisory firm. Geez they are bad; they know nothing irrespective of their impressive paper qualifications. Calling them sh#t is a little harsh though. At least with sh#t you could use it as fertilizer.

  2. Please don’t call them lazy or call them names. They do have a point.

    I worked hard for Big4 for more than 15 plus years with tons of positive contributions and hours for even 1/3 benefit she is mentioned.

    At your sick bed, Big4 is no where to be found. Health comes first.

    Don’t mock Mcdonald, if they treat them better – and with respect, why not. It is an honest living and I respect them more.

  3. A Deloitte Partner’s response:

    “12 – 14 hours a day? That’s nothing. I used to work 20 hours a day. These young people do not know what hard work is”.

    1. Well mr Deloitte partner, how many hours a week do you require from your junior accountants?

  4. Please also note that the salaries referred to in the TikTok are in Australian Dollars. AUD 67k at the current exchange rate is less than USD 50k. Not that great of a salary at all.

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