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Layoff Watch ’23: Deloitte’s Up to Something

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On Wednesday we were tipped to several people at the manager+ level in transaction services getting laid off from Deloitte, all of whom were working remotely. And then this reply the artist formerly known as Twitter mentions layoffs in audit:

There’s been no official announcement but there’s this. We’ll assume Mr. D is consulting chair Dan Helfrich and not someone’s actual uncle but who knows with Reddit.

Reduction in workforce
byu/Brilliant_Mess_8307 indeloitte

The number getting thrown around is 3%.

These layoffs are a joke
byu/nsfo indeloitte

The last official layoff announcement was in April when Deloitte announced the culling of around 1200 people (1.5% of the workforce). Those layoffs were concentrated primarily in financial advisory.

If you know more on this you know what to do.