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Will My Bad Credit Affect a Job Opportunity in Industry?

I know most of you think bad financial desicions are a sin worse than murder but I have made a ton of mistakes. I am currently a senior in audit and have bad credit. Due to numerous unexpected expenses and my wife being out of work, I am behind on credit cards. Nothing big enough to file bankruptcy for but not great and I won't have the money to catch up for a few more months.

Here is the issue, I have one offer for a senior internal audit position with a deadline to accept being this afternoon. They want me to start in three weeks meaning that I need to put in my notice in 1 week but their background check will take longer than that 1 week. I don't want to put in my notice until I am certain that I have a job. I also have two more second interviews this week with one seemingly to be a slam dunk. All three jobs are in banking/ financial service internal audit.

Do you think I will pass the background check? My only contact with these there companies is through a recruiter so I don't have anyone in HR to ask. I know financial responsiblity is important but I don't think it means I would steal from my employer. I have a clean history otherwise.