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Fill Wrap Up and Final Performance Review

For you duffers out there awaiting our Fill wrap up, we’re sure that your anxiety levels have reached such a level that you gave serious consideration to holding up the nearest drug store to get your mitts on some Zoloft. Fortunately, your patience has paid off as this post will wrap up our Fill coverage and also serve as official final performance review.
Thank the Maker that this one is over. Fill managed to shoot another +4 round yesterday to finish at +12 for the tournament and lock up his quest to not finish second at the PGA Championship. The silver medal went to…Tiger Woods unexpectedly but we’ll let the sports geeks dissect that one.
As for us, we’re here to give you Fill’s final 9 box rating and to give you an idea of what his future with the Radio Station looks like.
Check out the final rating after the jump.

As you can see, no final 9 box rating was necessary. Fill’s future is as bright as ever. He will continue to do grip n’ grins with Tim Flynn and he will need to use dumptrucks to transport all of his cash. This all will occur while he has consistently disappointed on the golf course but thrived as a billboard for the Radio Station by pulling a hat down on his melon.
Hmmm, an underachiever but consistently rewarded. Sound like anyone you know?
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