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To Whom It May Going Concern: “So Why I Ask Were the GC Bloggers Enjoying a Long Weekend with the Bankers, Teachers, and Government Employees?”

To Whom It May Going Concern is a roundup of our favorite emails, tweets, and other messages. Gotta beef? Are your knickers in a twist? Feel the need to come at us, bro? Email us at [email protected], drop us a line in the tip box, or tweet @ us on Twitter. As a reminder, all messages and emails are considered on the record unless you state otherwise.

We get a number of ridiculous messages by way of the tip box and email. After a brief discussion, Adrienne and I thought it was best to share some of the, shall we say, more entertaining (and completely unusable) communiques we receive. The previous post is a perfect example to include here although it seemed to warrant its own posting. Anyway, we just have a couple this week but we'll throw out more as we feel it is warranted.  
Can y'all use your super-duper journalism skills to see if the guy in this article arrested for beating up a homeless man is related to Deloitte CEO Joe Echevarria.  The arrested guy's mother's last name is Echevarria and I have no idea if that name is common.  Also, I'm pretty sure Joe Echevarria is from Miami where the case is.
If you're really wondering, Joe grew up in the Bronx (he did attend the University of Miami) and Echevarria is an extremely common surname. A simple search of "Echevarria" on LinkedIn came up with nearly 5,000 results.
Received on Monday evening:
It's Columbus Day, and those of us in public accounting were hard at work today. In fact, many of the poor souls on the tax side of the fence spent Columbus Day WEEKEND pushing out 1040's!  So why I ask were the GC bloggers enjoying a long weekend with the bankers, teachers, and government employees?
We're union. Had no choice.
In response to this ANR: