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To Whom It May Going Concern: No More Big Four?

To Whom It May Going Concern is a feature of some of the more, shall we say, interesting messages that come across the wire. If you get the urge to tell us exactly what you think about this here website, email [email protected] with "To Whom It May Going Concern" in the subject line. Just a reminder that all messages are considered on the record unless specified otherwise.

The publishing people that run this laugh factory also asked me to remind everyone to take our annual Reader Insight Survey where you can also leave us any feedback that you deem appropriate. Now, this week's letters.
After sharing the latest update in the Romney campaign's on-going beef with the Tax Policy Center we received this:
Cut the obama loving crap
Here's more Obama-loving crap if you're interested.
This isn't a tip, but rather an example of someone who drank too much DT kool-aid… trying to create a meme…by writing Deloitte everywhere…in random places(which I think would be pretty funny).
This was found at a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant in NYC (69 Bayard), where patrons are encouraged to post up dollar bills on the walls and write whatever they want on said dollar bill.    Didn't quite know what to think.  Spent 3 years at DT.  Thought I'd send it in. It was at first pretty odd to me, but thinking about it a little more, wouldn't surprise me if the marketing folks over there had a convo that went something like this: 
Drunk college kids deciding between places to work, late night out, putting greasy Chinese food into their stomachs, sit down, have a little convo with their friends 
"damn man, trying to choose between which big 4 to go to…"
"hey dude…why not Deloitte?" *points to dollar bill on wall*
"…why…NOT Deloitte!…It all makes sense now!  I'll send in my acceptance tomorrow"
…..Or maybe Barry Salzberg ate there.

Email of the week is an excerpt from a lengthy advice question from "Confused" with the subject: "Need help." 

Since KPMG is the smallest of the Big Four (and I recently heard they were making big cuts and having trouble lately), I am worried that it wouldn't be part of the Big Four soon and would be part of the "Big Three." Do you know if this might happen?

Where've you been? From what I hear in the comments, it happened years ago.