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Which of the Big 4 offers the most benefits?

I'm currently interning at PwC – I enjoy the work I'm doing but know that PwC is the only of the Big 4 firms without a have a traditional pension plan… All four firms provide a 25% 401k match on up to 6% of your pay (equaling a 1.5% match). In lieu of a pension plan, PwC has a Wealth Builder account in which the firm deposits 3% of an Associates pay into a retirement account each year, and 4% for Senior Associates, I think. All and all, a full-time associate at PwC is getting a 4.5% match for retirement contributions.

Does anybody know any details about the pension benefit at any of the other 3 firms, and if it's more generous in comparison to PwC's retirement plan? Just trying to compare… I'm hoping to earn a full-time offer at PwC at the end of the internship, but I'd consider another firm if the overall benefits & pay package is more appealing. Thanks!