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Well, That Got Lively

Presidential candidates love nothing more than a good photo op. Although it's rare that one would find its way into the pages of GC, that did happen last week and, OH DEAR.

It centered around the Internal Revenue Code, something near and dear to many of you, not as a target of your affection, necessarily, but rather as a catalyst for job security. Depending on you feel about it (or other issues), the images of Rand Paul unloading rounds on stacks of the IRC are, well, something.

And because people tend to have differing opinions on things like taxes and guns and political grandstanding, the rough-and-tumble Going Concern comment section turned into a rougher and tumblier version of itself.

Go read Greg Kyte's post, which started it all and, if you dare, read the comments to see it descend into chaos. It's fun! 

Image: Office of United States Senator Rand Paul/Wikimedia Commons